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Who are we?

Our agricultural holding is engaged in the supply of Amur soybeans worldwide. We cooperate with more than 50 reputable farmers in Amur region allowing us to have soybeans available all year round. Also, our organization is listed among Russian companies - exporters and granaries approved by AQSIQ for the supply of wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, rapeseed to China.

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of high-quality soybeans
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We have our own warehouses,
with a capacity of 50,000 tons.
We are accredited by RSHB and Rosagroleasing, we also cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture
All forms of payment are acceptable
There are various types of containers: big bag - 1.1 tons,
bag - 50 kg, container - 20 tons, car - 67.5 tons.

Amur soybeans characteristics

40 %protein
19% oil
10% moisture (volatile components)
18% insoluble insoluble
9% soluble carbohydrate
4% ash (minerals)
325,0 Kcal/100g
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The quality of our soybean meets the requirements of
GOST R ISO 9001-2001. Certificate №ROSS RU.IS11.R00594.
For export means, our soy complies with the Chinese industry
standard GB 1352-2009

How do we work

Purchase of soybeans from farmers
We buy soybeans from 50 farms in the Amur region, we personally check
all suppliers. We set strict requirements for purchased soybeans
and consider only the best offers. Our soybeans meet the Russian
(GOST 17109-88 Soy. Requirements for procurement and supply) and the Chinese soybean
industry standards for soybean GB 1352-2009 To start cooperation

How do we work

Quality check
All of the soybeans go through mandatory check. Firstly, it is thoroughly selected by double
sorting method. After that, samples from each batch are sent to our own
mobile lab where our certified experts check its
contents and quality. Thanks to our strict control system, we can guarantee
the quality of our product. View quality certificates

How do we work

Storage in warehouses
Before being loaded to the warehouses, soybeans go through two sorting stages. This is done
in order to remove damaged seeds before storage. Fractions of
damaged seeds decrease the quality of preservation. We keep the
required ratio of air humidity, seed humidity and
temperature in the granary.

How do we work

Delivery to customers
We will ship soybeans in needed volumes within the territory of Russia
and abroad accompanied by our representative. Shipment is fulfilled
by any means in chosen packaging ( big bag - 1,1 т., bag - 50 kg,
container - 20 tons, car - 67.5 tons. )

from the fields
in warehouses
to customers

Volumes of shipmentin Russia and China

202155,000 tons (plan)
202045 000 tons
201935 000 tons
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Three more reasonsto sign a contract for the supply of soybeans with us

You can visit our warehouse in Blagoveshchensk and evaluate the of the purchased batch of soy. We can do the packaging and prepare the product for shipment in your presence. We take full responsibility for the product quality.
Full maintenance
Our representative will not only fulfill the shipment, but assist with the paperwork in the shipping company and will be present during the delivery in your city up until the fulfillment of the contract.
No restrictions
If you work with us , you can choose the method , you can choose the method, type of packaging and means of shipment of your soy order. We've done everything to make you experience comfortable. And we can always go an extra mile to satisfy your needs.